When we pray for revival we are asking God to renew the faith of those withing the Church and also those who have lapsed.  But in addition to that we are praying for the transformation of society.  That is why I feel that the recent success by Northern Ireland’s golfers may well be part of God’s plan.  Darren Clarke won the Open Championship on July 17.  A few weeks before Rory McIlroy won the United States Open, a title won by Graham McDowell just 12 months before.

Out of 6 major golf championships played in a 13 month period three were won by Northern Irish golfers.  The United States, a country of almost 300 million people, did not win any.

What is the reason for this?  I cannot prove this but I feel that the prayer for revival, which has been going for two years now, had a major part to play.  For the last forty years Northern Ireland has suffered a great deal.  The self-esteem of people has gone very low.  Is the Lord starting to favour Northern Ireland in response to all the prayer for revival going on?  I am taking this sporting success as a sign that, as we remain faithful to praying for revival, many more blessings will follow in all sorts of areas of life here.