It is a great sadness that in our country so many churches remain closed during the day.  Churches are almost always places of peace.  What a blessing to just drop in there and spend time in God’s presence.

One good example is St. George’s Church, High Street, Belfast. It is open every day until 3 pm.  When you go in through the door of that church you are struck by an amazing sense of God’s peace and presence.  I believe the reason for that is because, for almost one thousand years, there has been a place of worship on that site.  The present building is about two hundred years old.  There is a regular cycle of worship going on there every day.  This has developed a real sense of God’s presence.

I would like to find a way to keep churches all over the country open for at least a couple of hours every day, with a particular purpose, to pray for revival in this land.

Clergy will probably say, with some justification, that in this day and age it is not safe to leave churches open.  I have no doubt that the best security is to have people there praying.  What a blessing that would be to the church, to our Nation and to the praying individuals – to have churches open all over the country welcoming the Lord, to breathe the life of his Holy Spirit into the Church and into the Nation.

We need to pray for a spirit of unity between churches and within churches.

Recently  I have been reading about the East Africa revival which began in 1935.   It became one of the biggest revivals in church history and touched nine different countries – Burundi, Rwanda, Eastern Zaire, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Uganda.   When the revival eventually died down it was because of strife in the Church and arguments over doctrine.  In 1962 revival broke out again, but unfortunately strong splits and squabbles put out the fire of revival.

A friend of mine says that when Christians start to argue about doctrine, the Holy Spirit waves bye-bye.  Hence the need, the great need, to pray for a spirit of unity both between churches and within churches.