One of the things that we need to pray for and work to develop in Northern Ireland is a spirit of thanksgiving.  There is so much to thank God for in this country.  Yet so often people are quick to complain when things do not go exactly as they wish.  A small number actually have a critical spirit.  St Paul tells us to give thanks in everything.  I believe when we do give thanks the spirit of God is released.  Going about giving thanks will help us, but will also bring a blessing to this land.

Two of the greatest enemies of revival in Northern Ireland? – sectarianism and traditionalism.

One of the areas where we need to repent is for putting our culture before God.

Importance of unity

Rev Jim Rea, former President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, told me that there is a new revival going on in the Potteries in England where a friend of his works.  It started when the clergy of various traditions made time to come together to pray on a regular basis.  ‘Behold how good and how beautiful it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.  There the Lord commands his blessing, which is life for evermore!’