Personal Prayer

Personal prayer is available at the office in Townsend Street, Belfast in the mornings between 10 am – 1 pm Monday – Friday. Phone 02890 311532 to make an appointment with one of our experienced team members.

Prayer and the laying-on of hands is also available at the end of all of our healing services.

Intercession service

One of the services that Divine Healing Ministries offers is the intercession service. People can ring 028 9031 1532, leave the first name of the person they are concerned about and what they need prayer for, and we will pray every day for 30 days. This service is confidential. We have over 100 intercessors who pray for 4 or 5 people each.

For the first ten years this service was run by Winifred and Philip McKinstry. When they retired it was taken over by Sydney Cousins. When people ring up anxious about loved ones it is very reassuring to them to know that will pray for 30 days. Many have been greatly helped by this prayer in the background. It is one of the aspects of our ministry that is going very strongly. We are praying for 400 – 500 people at any given time.

In case of emergency we pass the request on to the emergency prayer chain.

Emergency prayer chain

When an emergency arises and people ring the office of Divine Healing Ministries (028 9031 1532) we can surround the person or situation in prayer very quickly. For many years the emergency prayer chain was run by two sisters, Irene Kinnear and Maud Howey. Unfortunatly, Irene died in 2001, but Maud continues to run this service on her own. When she receives a call immediately she puts the request round the prayer chain, so we can guarantee that very quickly many people are praying. This service is particularly useful when an accident has happened, or someone is going through an operation, or an important event is happening.

To have people or situations immediately surrounded in prayer can often make an enormous difference.