Shankill Methodist       Jim Tate (DHM)             Bomb in Frizzell’s 


The Heart of the Shankill in the shadow of the Fish shop.


Just over a year ago a group of 9 or 10 churches on the Shankill came together and one of the things identified was the need for a prayer facility for people on the road. Brother David Jardine offered trained prayer team members from Divine Healing Ministries and Jim Rea kindly offered the use of Shankill road Methodist church. Jim Tate of DHM put a team to-gether which now offers prayer for anyone every Thursday from 1030 to 1230.


The Methodist church hold a prayer session for the ministry the night before. Anyone who comes in will get a cup of tea or coffee served by Carol and Lorraine, and then one of the team of 8 -9 people will take them through into the church for prayer.


Some weeks there can be up to 30 people in the church for prayer. People come in with all sorts of problems, they can be physical, financial or emotional. Non church goers or people with no active faith are in the majority. The problems are diverse. People who have been attacked or even have had murder attempts on themselves, relationships, suicide, problems with the past, separations, break ups, these are a sample of the problems people bring for prayer. Even policemen and traffic wardens have been invited in.


Jim Tate says he is seeing results and people who have been prayed for have started to come to church. One young couple who had a child out of marriage came along and now they are getting married and getting the baby baptised. One lady had pains in her back and could not straighten up and after she was prayed for she has straightened up and has had tremendous healing. She had no active faith. People who have suffered bereavement, people experiencing deeply seated hurts and ex prisoners also are quite common in the church. It is as if they are getting new hope. People come from as far away as the Falls Road which is fantastic bearing in mind that only 2 doors away is the Fish Shop where the bomb exploded killing so many people in 1993.


Why not call in and see for yourself.