Testimonies of Healing

Some testimonies shared in St. Anne’s Cathedral June 18

In the midst of great difficulties a lady has received great strength through prayer.

After a big operation receiving prayer strengthened a man mentally. Aftermath of the operation wore him down. Through prayer and support of the team he was greatly strengthened.

Lady bereaved – during her husband’s illness and in the days after his death not only was she strengthened but was drawn to come here. Able to do things that she could not have done without prayer.

Some testimonies from a small group of people in St. George’s and St. Anne’s 2

Reggie – very ill a week ago on Friday. We prayed in all of our services. Today he is doing well. A man caught in a bomb explosion thirty years ago. He developed a nasty skin complaint from the shock. Now he receives prayer on a Monday night and the skin complaint is healing well.

A lady who had a bad fall. Hit her head on the concrete. Badly hurt. Through receiving prayer she has been completely healed. Also her pattern of sleep had been out of kilter for two years. Upset her badly. Came to hate the sight of her own bedroom. Thought she would need to go and see a specialist. Since receiving prayer her pattern of sleep is completely restored.

One lady in St. George’s told me that she could not get through the week if she did not get to that service on Monday.

Another lady said that she goes out every week walking on air.

A couple told me that they came with a serious problem. I said that day in my homily we should hand difficulties over to the Lord. In the silence each of them did that, quite indepandant of one another. Their lives have been transformed.

A man told me that one day I gave a word of knowledge which spoke into his situation, into a spiritual battle going on in his mind. He was greatly helped.

Power to be Pain-Free

This is a poem by a young girl, a lovely girl, who comes regularly to our services, and who has had a number of serious operations on her leg.

Power to be Pain-Free

My awful pain has gone away
But why this is the Doc can’t say
Amazing Yes, A mystery No,
I’ve prayed so hard for the pain to go
Memories of painful nights and days
Have faded now into a haze
I can sleep comfortably in my bed
And wake refreshed for the day ahead
My aching joints have gone at last,
My chronic pain is in the past
The tablets to see me through the day
Come home in the evening and get put away
I’m back at school and it is great
To be able to sit and concentrate,
No easing myself from this side to that
When there was no good position that I could have sat
But I don’t take it for granted from where this healing came
I know it came from Jesus because I asked it in His name,
For nights that I could sleep and days spent without pain
And just as I had prayed for, the healing came.
You may have to wait, but you must believe
That the power of the Spirit your pain can relieve,
There is no doubt about the amount of love and care
That reigns down upon you, when you ask in prayer
The Doctor simply cannot say just why I’ve lost the pain
But the diagnosis is clear to me and easy to explain
Just trust in the Lord, ask in His name and always believe
And the healing Jesus did on earth, is what you can receive


January 2007

Testimony of Frances

Two years ago I was admitted to Tathlin, Knockbracken Health Care Park with depression. Several anti-depressant drugs were tried without any improvement in my symptoms.

Brother David Jardine visited me and prayed with me. Whatever was blocking the channel between me and the Healing Power of God was removed.

The channel was open again. I was given the power to move from a feeling of hopelessness to EXPECTANT FAITH and I soon recovered completely. I was discharged from Rathlin and returned home.

For me, this expectant faith and the joy of knowing that the channel between me and God is now open, is maintained and strengthened by weekly atttendances at St. Finnian’s, Cregagh for the Service of Divine Healing at 7.30 pm on Tuesdays.

I wish to express my thanks to God for all His love and patience.


Barry’s testimony

In May 1999 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given a short time to live. There was to be no biopsy, operation or treatment. As a Christian I turned to God and cried out in prayer for help as it was in God that my hope lay. From that moment on it was amazing how God placed people before my path. There were prayerful people who taught me to extract the promises of God from His word and to stand on them regardless of my physical conditiion. He brought me to Divine Healing Ministries (DHM) who prayed for me on a regular basis.

This prayer support from my Church, Christian friends and the teams of DHM were to sustain both myself and my wife over the next seven difficult years. They were a great source of encouragement and strength. We sought prayer at every opportunity often travelling some distance to receive it.

At the beginning of 2006 my physical condition became more acute with the gradual paralysis of my left side. At this stage surgeons felt that there was now an opportunity for an operation and subsequent treatment. The situation had changed dramatically since May 1999. Again we turned to God and sought out prayer from all Christian quarters. In April 2006 I entered hospital for major surgery and despite never having been in hospital before I had such a tremendous sense of peace. The operation was successful and power to my left side was restored. I now faced 30 sessions of radiotherapy but again a wonderful sense of peace filled me and I was without fear. Throughout my journey I have been surrounded in prayer and I believe that prayer and the power of Almighty God has changed my situation from one of total despair to one of hope.

Testimony of a man who was addicted to gambling

A man was addicted to gambling for a number of years. Eventually he had to tell his wife and family as he had used all their savings plus a lot more. His wife confided in me and I asked the prayer team to pray for the man. Within a few weeks the man began atttending gamblers anonymous. Since that time he has not gambled. The team are now praying for his relationship with his wife and family.

Praise God


I contacted DHM a couple of weeks ago on behalf of Mark, a neighbour of mine, who had a nasty fall and was given a 50/50 chance of surviving. Last weekMark’s parentswere preparing to turn Mark’s life support machine off as there was not much hope for him. Today I am informed that Mark will live and will leave hospital sometime in the not too distant future.
Praise God

Sandra’s testimony

I record the healing which I have received.

– healing from hurts

– physical healing

– release from anxiety.

I praise and thank God for this work which he has done in my life.

Andrew’s story

Andrew aged 5 has had a major heart problem from he was a baby and doctors could not operate until recently as there was complications and concerns about the outcome.He has made a remarkable recovery and is at school where he is doing very well. His parents are grateful for the prayers which DHM have made for him and give thanks to Almighty God for his remarkable progress.

Paul’s story

I had a lot of work related stress in my life which culminated in me suffering a severe mental breakdown in 2004.As a fully functioning adult with many interests life was effectively over for me. My friends and work colleagues suddenly disappeared. My life ground to a halt and I lived in a dark tunnel with no way out. I just wanted my nightmare to end and because of the way in which my illness affected me I did not want to be around peopIe which made me a virtual prisoner in my own home. I did not spare a thought for my wife and children whom I was completely estranged from, all that occupied my mind was me and how much I was hurting. My mind was bombarded with thoughts of ending it all, I was deeply suicidal. With the help of my wife I was taken under the care of doctors at a local hospital. I was prescribed a heavy dose of anti-depressants. My condition stabilised but did not improve by much. When days were good life was OK but when things were bad life was a bottomless pit. My wife attended an Interdominational Divine Healing Service and received prayer for our situation and was quite bouyed by her experiance. My wife then made an appointment for both of us to attend for prayer at Townsend Street. I got up from bed that morning with a terrible dread hanging over me, I did not want to go for prayer. Something in my mind was telling me there was no point in going for prayer because I was going to die anyway – I had terminal cancer. I later came to realise that satan does not want us to receive God’s help and healing and will do anything to stop us. Despite what was going round in my head this prayer thing was not for me, but my wife pressurised me into attending. That day in Townsend Street was the beginning of a new chapter in my life, although I did not realise it at the time. The Holy Spirit started working in me that morning and I will never forget it. It was like the story of the woman who simply touched the cloak of Jesus and was healed from twelve years of bleeding. I reached out and simply touched the Master’s cloak and it was the start of my slow climb out of the pit that is mental illness. I was told that day that day in Townsend Street that the Lord was going to use me, that He has work for me to do and he was going to restore me to good health. I was told that the Holy Spirit was with me – all of which I did not believe, or could not believe at the time, although something did stir in me that was not of this world. Many months later and after attending a number of Healing Services where I received prayer I felt a great urge inside me to offer my services on a voluntary basis to the Ministry, probably doing some filing, photocopying or even brushing up the place. It would do me no harm, and after all it would get me out of the house for a while. I went to Townsend Street to offer my services and I was met by one of the staff who proceeded to urge me to start the training programme to become a member of the Prayer Team. I thought he was mad, I certainly knew that I was still suffering from a severe mental illness. I eventually said yes. I was told that the Training Programme commenced that very evening at St. Anne’s Cathederal. I did attend, completed the training and have served as a team member for nearly a year now. I took the opportunity to receive as much prayer as possible and felt myself getting stronger and growing in confidence, but I was still taking very high doses of anti-depressant. One evening, before I attended St. Anne’s I had overdosed on the anti-depresant by mistake. I was quite worried as I felt very ill. I explained to Brother Jardine that I would probably leave the service early because I was ill, although I did not tell him why. Brother Jardine asked two members of the prayer team to pray with me that evening. Prayer lasted about twenty minutes and I felt quite odd after it, as though something had happened to me. I worshiped and prayed through the entire service that evening. The next day I took my medication as usual but the following day I did not even think about taking the medication. I have not taken an anti-depressant since. I believe that the Lord God healed me. The Lord gave me my life back.

June’s testimony

I have suffered almost 30 years of back problems.

On 28 February this year in St. Finnian’s Church at the Divine Healing service Pastor Mike Evans was praying for healing for those in the congregation with back problems. As Pastor Mike prayed I felt what was like hands pressing on both sides of the top of my spine, the hands travelled down my spine pressing quite hard as they moved until they came to the base where a really hard press on the left side forced something to click into place and suddenly I felt the whole of my spine aligned and completely healed.

I know that the hands were Divine and I give glory to God for His wonderful healing power.

Since then I have had neither ache nor pain in my back.

June Wilson

John’s story

John came to our centre in Townsend Street early in 2006. He was suffering acute back pain and was unable to work. The hospital said that the pain was due to a degenerative condition of the spine. John walked with a limp. When I prayed with him very quickly the pain began to ease, and then left completely. He went out of the centre without any limp. Just recently, a few months after being prayed for, John came back to tell us that his back is still all right, still completely free from pain.


David’s testimony

I had an amazing experience 2 years ago when my mother died. It came at a very sad time, when I desperately needed God’s help; standing at the coffin as her body was received into her local church, I was filled with the Holy Spirit for about four minutes. That experience transformed me. It gave me great strength not just for the time of the funeral but is with me to this day. I believe that it happened because during my mother’s illness I had to surrender the whole situation to the Lord and leave it with Him. That gave Him the freedom to work powerfully, and He did. I have no doubt that that strength will remain with me for the rest of my life so long as I walk close to the Lord. Indeed, to anyone who is bereaved I would say, ‘walk as close to the Lord as you possibly can’. That is where the greatest safety and security are to be found.

Simon’s testimony

Simon was born with a very rare chromosome abnormality and we were told he probably wouldn’t live long. When he reached 5 years the doctors said he wouldn’t live beyond 12 years. Simon is now almost 27 years old and we praise and thank the Lord for sparing him to us. Simon was born with a severe hearing loss and after some time God answered our prayers and now Simon hears perfectly. Simon’s biggest problem over the years has been his chest and lungs and he suffered one infection after another and being hospitalised so often and many times thought he wouldn’t survive. The winters were very severe on him and he was on antibiotics repeatedly and we had been told that from one of these infections Simon would probably die.

Last year around May time one of the members of the prayer team in St. Finnian’s said to me that she felt we should pray for Simnon’s immune system, I immediately asked for prayer for this and lots of people began praying. From last June Simon has not required antibiotics or suffered any chest problems … a wonderful answer to prayer and to God be the Glory.

Healing from blindness

By the time I went to pray with Louise she had already been blind seven years. She had lost her sight when giving birth to twins. Her rector asked me to go and see her. He discerned that this blindness was not meant to be unto death, and he also discerned that I was the person to pray with her. I went along to Louise’s home one week before Christmas and talked to her about the healing ministry. She was completely open. When we prayed for healing she said that she felt something shift in her forehead, but she still could not see. A couple of days later the rector rang me, excited, and said, ‘Davy, brilliant news. Louise woke up this morning and she can see.’

It was a miracle, the best Christmas present that Louise will ever receive.

David Jardine

Gradual healing of a serious condition

My daughter was diagnosed in October, 2004 with curvature of the spine. Immediately I started to go every Monday to St. George’s to receive prayer for her, and I put her name down on the intercession service. The medical people expected that her condition would only deteriorate. In her latest scan in March, 2006 not only has the curvature not deteriorated but it is acutally less than when first diagnosed. I have no doubt that God is answering our prayers. We have to go back to the hospital next year for a review, and until then we will pray for continued healing, encouraged by the way we have seen God answering prayer already.

Healing of a bad speech impediment

When Gary came to the Monday night service in the Cathedral he was suffering from a very bad speech impediment. He could not put two words together. Then twenty-nine he had had this impediment since he was five. He said that going to school was hell, the way other children made fun of him. Gary went up that night to receive prayer and came back down speaking perfectly. That healing has remained to this day, seven years later. I asked the couple who prayed for him how did they do it. They said, ‘ we simply left it to the Holy Spirit.’

Healing of an neurable condition

1993 my daughter was diagnosed with a serious form of epilepsy. The hospital did their best but could make no guarantees that she would ever be healed. I brought my daughter for prayer every week. Usually there was a temporary improvement and then the condition came back, worse than ever. As Christmas approached I was in despair, even questioning if there was a God. Two days before Christmas my daughter was prayed for again. She had had thirty-five epileptic seizures in the previous few days. She has never had another seizure since that day. A miracle of healing.


Healing power of repentance

A number of years ago I felt God was asking me, when I spoke to Roman Catholic gatherings, to say that I was sorry about the sins of the Protestant people. Once I was clear it really was God speaking to me I started to do that. About a year ago I was speaking at a healing service in Ballymurphy and I began by saying that I was sorry about the sins of the Protestant people against the Catholic people. No one said anything. But afterwards one of the ministry teams told me that a lady had come to them for prayer whose husband has been murdered by loyalists 28 years before. She had never been able to forgive. But that night, after hearing me speak, she was able to forgive.

David Jardine

Healing for the bereaved

My mother and my aunt lived together for 35 years since my father died in 1962. They were very close and did most things together. In July, 1997 my aunt died suddenly. It was a terrible blow to my mother, and she was grief-stricken. But when you are involved in the ministry of divine healing and something goes wrong you can be sure you will be surrounded by the prayers of many people. My mother was surrounded by a volume of prayer. She made a great recovery from the death of her beloved sister. She could never have recovered so well or so quickly had it not been for the prayers of all those people. My advice to anyone who has been bereaved is to ask other people to pray for you. It will make an enormous difference.

David Jardine

Ann’s story

Ann had a lump about the size of a golf ball on the back of her neck. The terrible pain was going up into her head and down her back from this lump. When she went to hospital the surgeon after operating and stitching her up sent her home saying it was on a nerve and she could be paralysed if he touched it. So she went home no better than when she went into hospital. On Ann’s third visit to St. Finnian’s the lump was gone.

Kay Bunting

Marlene’s testimony

I started receiving prayer at St. Anne’s in September 2005 for neck and shoulder pain, which has been a problem for me for many years. Over the years I have tried different treatments, including medication and physiotherapy. The symptoms would have gone away but then would come back again. My last series of physio treatment was last summer when I was told that I had gone as far as possible with the treatment which included acupuncture.

Prayer has been the best treatment. There are no side-effects which can happen with medication, indeed I have had to stop medication because it triggered off vertigo, which I also suffer from The gradual soothing of my neck and shoulder muscles was so subtle that I didn’t realise anything was taking place until one day I realised that I wasn’t aching all over after vacuuming the house – usually after housework on Friday night I would be in pain in Saturday.

I thank the Lord for his touch and the healing that I have received. The difference is fantastic and I am truly grateful.

I still have to be very careful not to sit near a draught and am not able to lift any heavy weights but then Jesus expects us to be sensible and know our limitations.


Some feedback from 30 day Intercessory Prayer Service

Jim had heart problems and asked for prayer for this and breathing difficulties. There has been a great improvement and he is much better.

Betty is an elderly lady who was very depressed when she asked for prayer. She is wonderful now and has come to know the Lord.

Caroline’s testimony

About 2 years ago I noticed that I had a small (pea sized) lump in my right armpit. After a while I thought it had got a bit bigger so eventually mentioned it to my GP. He thought it was an infected gland or duct and give me antibiotics. These had no effect. When I next spoke to the GP I told him that the treatment hadn’t worked and he suggested a different antibiotic which I took faithfully with no result. Then God started speaking to me about healing. At the start of the year it was announced that we would be having a visiting speaker who would share her testimony at how God healed her from cancer. The week leading up to the event we would be concentrating on praying for the sick and believing God would heal people at the testimony night. That week my three children went down with chickenpox, my baby also caught a tummy bug which put him in hospital and the lump under my arm began to grow and become very sore indeed. I returned to the GP to tell him that the lump was now the size of a conker and that it was so painful it was starting to restrict the movement of my arm. He told me I would need to have the lump cut out and a hospital appointment was made. He also gave me a third lot of antibiotics.

At the end of the week the testimony night happened and the visiting speakers prayed for the sick. I asked for prayer for myself and the children. The following week I led worship in St. Anne’s at the Divine Healing Service and afterwards asked for prayer. The prayer I received was powerful, extremely insightful, very helpful and really lovely. They not only prayed for the lump, but for the healing in my church and for other issues in my life which I now believe to have been related to the lump. By this time I had finished the third course of antibiotics and thought there might have been a very slight improvement, but certainly not a cure.

About three or four days after prayer at St. Anne’s I noticed the lump had all but disappeared and now it has totally gone and has not come back.

I want to thank Jesus for healing me, the ministry team for being so sensitive to the voice of the Holy Sprit and David and all at DHM for being so faithful in offering the opportunity every week for people to receive from Him.


Pamela’s testimony

In 2003 I was diagnosed with high grade cancer of the lymph glands. For six months I underwent the strongest chemo possible, but this failed to eradicate the cancer. Four weeks of radiotherapy followed, but still no change. I then commenced a further three month’s of intensive chemo.

Scans revealed that the treatment had not worked.

The doctors were astonished. As the treatment had taken it’s toll on my body the medical staff could offer me no further treatment.

In October 2004 I attended St. Finnian’s, (weekly healing service) at first very emotional and sometimes leaving in tears, but the prayer team were very sincere and made me feel at ease.

My last scan in 2005 showed no sign of any cancer and a further year on I am leading a full and normal cancer free life.


Pat’s testimony

Emotional healing

(Since joining the team at DHM I have also received prayer from others for specific concerns and have always been blessed through this.)

Recently when Canon Staton was a visiting speaker I received prayer and anointing from him, as did many other people. When he prayed he placed a finger firmly at the back of my neck because it is the centre of emotion. In prayer he asked me to open my heart to Jesus. The meaning of this disturbed me and so I later prayed for clarity. God showed me that I had been praying for healing from past hurts and wanting my life to be patched up so that I could go on. I knew that I now had to pour out my whole heart to Jesus holding nothing back. I had to allow myself to experience brokenness to allow Him to totally heal and give me a heart that was whole. It was not an easy process either for myself or for those close to me.

Jesus experienced strong emotion during His life on earth and at the time of His death on the cross and so He understands our strong emotions. He invited me to be totally open with Him so that I could be healed. Perhaps He also is inviting someone reading this to do the same. I was given a picture of rows of barbed wire on the ground and I knew that I had been lying on something like this emotionally so that every disturbance no matter how small was causing extreme pain. Now that I have released all my pain to Him He has, through the power of the cross, taken this. I know that I will no longer need short-term emotional crutches, in my case emotional eating, but for you it could be some other addictive practice. I praise Jesus for showing me my need, thank Canon Staton for speaking the words I needed to hear and also Divine Healing Ministries for providing a place where I was open to God’s healing touch.

Sally’s testimony

While waiting for further tests to be taken regarding a blemish on my leg to ascertain the possibility of skin cancer. I had prayers, laying on of hands by the team and annointing by Brother Jardine in St. Finnian’s. I returned to the Clinic in the City Hospital at the appointed time. On examination and a little of the skin scraped away I was told there was no need for any more tests – the blemish had disappeared. I had been wonderfully and miraculously healed by the prayers of the faithful team in the Divine Healing Ministry.

To God be the glory!


M.C.M. testimony

I was diagnosed with cancer almost 7 years ago and been attending the healing services for the same time. I have more scans to have in the coming weeks and the prayers that have been said for me and with me by members of the team and Brother Jardine over the years have been of great help to me. I have had a broken arm operated on and in the process had a nerve damaged and didn’t have the use of my hand – I began to despair of it – but with the prayers of so many in St. Finnian’s it is back to normal.

I have been blessed so many times with the prayers and love in St. Finnian’s on a Tuesday night and give my thanks to Brother Jardine and all the team not forgetting the good Lord Himself.


Testimony from Annie of Baffin Island (Following a team visit of DHM in Holy Week earlier this year)

I received Jesus as my Lord and saviour 13 years ago. After having been into heavy drug and alcohol use and satanic worship and prostitution. Jesus delivered me and today I desire much to serve Him and I love Him more everyday. He has become for me everthing and the whole of my life. Twelve years has passed since I received Jesus into my heart and I haven’t once regretted a moment of it. Well, during your visit here I went up to the altar to have my son prayed for who now is 17 and has been into drug use and suicidal. One of your team and myself prayed for my son to be delivered from drug use and more so suicidal thoughts. That evening I went home to find my sons’ room completely bare wall to wall. He has destroyed all the posters he had wall to ceiling. And I mean his wall was completely full of them wall to ceiling. Well he destroyed all of them and has placed instead a wooden cross I had as a gift from Ireland one time when another team was here. I have always believed in the power of prayer but more so now. For my son has not mentioned suicide once since that evening.

My son has been very suicidal the past year and broken the law since he started using drugs. I know he still takes them for I can recognise one who has taken it. But he has not once mentioned suicide. And I thank God for that with all of my heart and I thank Jesus for all you wonderful people who came to help us Inuit. It was an honour to have met all of you. You will certainly not be forgotten. And I expect my son will be delivered from drug use as well in Jesus mighty name.