Brother David Jardine – Director

David Jardine is a Church of Ireland clergyman and also a member of the Society of St. Francis, a religious community in the Anglican Church.  He is a former chaplain in Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast (1975 – 1985).  From 1985 to 1988 he worked in two churches in New York.

Along with a group of others David Jardine founded Divine Healing Ministries in 1992.  Since then, on an interdenominational basis they have been praying for the healing of individuals and of our land.

Sister Margaret McStay – Deputy Director

Sister Margaret has been working with Divine Healing Ministries since its formation in 1992.  A member of the Roman Catholic Cross and Passion Order Sister Margaret’s background is in teaching, both in schools and in colleges of further education.  She spent six years in Africa.

Sister Margaret’s role as Deputy Director and her contacts in the Catholic community have played a major part in making Divine Healing Ministries interdenominational.  In addition to many other activities she leads the team who minister in St. Peter’s every Tuesday morning.

Jim Tate – Reconciliation Officer

Jim has been working full-time for Divine Healing Ministries since the summer of 2003.  As a member of a paramilitary organisation he served a long-term prison sentence in the 1970’s.  Along with his wife Pauline Jim was converted in the mid 1980’s.  His life was transformed and for the last 20 years has been used powerfully in the ministry of evangelism and reconciliation as he goes all over the place telling his story.

He often goes out to speak with Tom Kelly, a former republican prisoner whose life was also transformed by God.

Jim spends each morning in the office, answering the phone and assisting Sharon with administration.

Sharon Reid – Office Manager

Sharon has been working for Divine Healing Ministries since 1998.  Her main responsibility is to manage a very busy office and see that all administration flows smoothly.  Sharon produces most of the publicity for Divine Healing Ministries. 

She and her husband Paul form a well-known music group who are very much in demand to lead worship both at home and abroad.  They have made a number of very successful CD’s.


Divine Healing Ministries has a team of about 120 people, mostly involved in prayer ministry and leading worship, but also doing all the little practical jobs that are necessary to keep a ministry running smoothly. 

Some of our team have been involved in the healing ministry for 30 years or more.  Others are relative newcomers.  All have to go through a training programme, and are then gradually eased into the ministry over a six-month period, working with experienced people.  New team members are also given a personal mentor, an experienced member of the team, whom they can meet with on a regular basis to talk about the ministry.

At all of our services team members are also involved in conducting worship, leading prayer, and sometimes preaching or giving testimony.

For those who do not feel called to this more up-front ministry there is always a host of little jobs that need to be done.

The team of Divine Healing Ministries is of a very high standard.  Those who come for prayer are often very complimentary about the ministry received.  Our main responsibility in prayer is to bring people to Jesus and ask Him to heal them.  As we often say in the healing ministry, we pray, we make requests but God is the only One who can heal.

Anyone who feels called to be involved in this ministry needs to start coming to our services and spend a little time at our centre in Townsend Street.  If we do that and we are meant to be involved a role will eventually become clear.