Jim Tate in conversation with Brother David Jardine

This is a DVD which has just been produced by Divine Healing Ministries.  It is a conversation between Brother David Jardine and Jim Tate.  Jim was born and brought up in Sandy Row, a loyalist area of Belfast.  When the Troubles broke out Jim became involved with a paramilitary organisation, becoming a commander in the UVF.  In the middle 70’s he did a long-term jail sentence.  On release he did not want to be involved again, but it was the middle 80’s before he was converted.  About 2002 Jim came to work full-time with Divine Healing Ministries.

Jim tells in this DVD the miracles that God has done in his life.  He even feels that long before he was converted God was looking after him, during his time in jail and after.  Jim talks about miracles of God’s protection, healing reconciliation and transformation. Brother David Jardine, director of Divine Healing Ministries, describes Jim Tate as ‘one of the great men produced by the Church in Ireland in the late 20th century’.

This DVD will be an inspiration to all who see it of what God is capable of doing in a person’s life.  It may be particularly appropriate for those who are finding life hard.  Certainly they will find words of hope and encouragement.

The DVD is entitled ‘God still does miracles today’.  It can be purchased from any of our services at the cost of £5.  If you order by post please include £1.50 for postage.