JUNE 23, 2009

In the months of May and June there were two major events in Divine Healing Ministries.  The first was a visit in May by Pastor Hendrick and four members of his church in Cali, Colombia.  The visit was an amazing success.  What made an impact on people was the faith of the Colombians.  When they pray they genuinely expect things to happen.  They attracted good crowds everywhere they went, from St. Anne’s Cathedral, to West Church in Bangor, to the Ulster Temple on the Ravenhill Road, and many other venues.

A team from Divine Healing Ministries will visit Colombia in January, 2010, and next May, 2010 Pastor Hendrick will come back on his own.  In the meantime we have promised to pray for the people and country of Colombia, and they are praying for Northern Ireland.  The second major event was the launch of seven years of prayer for revival in this land, in St. Anne’s Cathedral on Saturday, June 20.  There was a very big crowd right throughout the day from 10.30 am until 3.30 pm.  We had spent ten months in preparation, and that was probably why the event went so well.

We are asking people to commit themselves for a year at a time, promising to pray a few minutes every day for revival.  A small number will feel called to pray much more intensively.

In the course of the next year we will focus on revival in some of our Monday evening healing services.  On Monday, September 28 (8pm) our speaker will be Pastor James McConnell from the Metropolitan Tabernacle.  There will be further revival services just before Christmas on 7 December (when Rev. Jim Rea will speak in St. Anne’s Cathedral), before Easter and next June.  We feel God has been saying to us that if we pray for revival for seven years revival will come at the end of that time.

Future events


Training events for the team

These will continue in St. Hildas, Seymour Hill on the last Friday of every month.  We are basing our discussion on a set of DVDs produced by Francis MacNutt.

Training for those who would like to work with us

The training will take place on five Thursday evenings in October and November in St. Anne’s Cathedral Hall.  For further details ring the office (90311532).

Teaching the Prayer of Surrender

This is what I call the most powerful prayer of all.  It has been so important to me that I would like to pass on what I have learnt to others.  There will be two teachings in the Cathedral Hall on Thursdays, October 1 and 8.  For further information call 90311532.

Future CDs

David Jardine is working on two new CDs, Praying for those with Cancer, and another CD on the prayer of surrender.  Those already available are:-

  • God’s Answer to Anxiety, Depression and Stress
  • Praying for Ourselves
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • The Healing Power of Praise
  • The Healing Power of Surrender
  • Many Channels of God’s Healing
  • A Prayer for Healing
  • Practising the Presence of God
  • Be Not Afraid
  • Praying in Faith
  • Healing for Damaged Relationships
  • The Healing Power of Fixing our eyes on Jesus
  • More thoughts on Surrender
  • Inner Healing (Part 1,2,3,4)
  • Prayer Ministry Training Set


Series on Monday nights in the Cathedral by the team on the theme ‘My Path of Healing’ (October 12 – November 9).

Nigel Mumford from the Diocese of Albany, U.S.A., will visit from February 26, 2010 until March 2.