When Nigel Mumford came to conduct a mission in Northern Ireland in April this year the arrangement was that I would go to Albany in October.  Nigel is Director of the Healing Ministry in the Diocese of Albany and his premises are at the Christ the King Spiritual Life Centre.


My visit was a mixture of input and output.  I was part of the group that did Level 2 training in the Francis MacNutt School of Healing Prayer.  This was mostly done through DVDs and discussion, and dealt with some less familiar topics like generational healing.  It was very good.


Another highlight of the visit was to be part of Welcome Home Initiative for veterans of the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was a great privilege not just to hear the men’s stories, but to be able to give a talk to them about the healing of trauma.  I think there is room for this ministry in Northern Ireland.  If the men who were traumatized in Vietnam had had this facility available the last thirty years would have been much easier for them.


I also did many speaking engagements during my two weeks in America, and I realized that because of the struggles we have had in Northern Ireland, having to learn to depend completely upon the Lord, we have a great contribution to make in the ministry of healing, wherever we go.


Nigel and I have made arrangements for the relationship to continue.  He will come to Belfast in February 2010, and I will go back to Albany in April, 2010.