Following his visit to Nothern Ireland, Nigel Mumford invited Br David Jardine, to visit him at the Christ the King Life Centre (CtK) in Greenwich, New York state. Fr Nigel is the Director of their active Healing Ministry. His conviction to pray for healing came in 1989 when his sister, Julie Sheldon, a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet in London, was healed by God through Canon Jim Glennon.  This was a very dramatic healing from a disease called Dystonia, a neurological condition that curled her up into a fetal position and left her very close to death.  Being a witness to her healing has had a profound effect on his life. Go to the link: and click on episode 5 to see Julie’s moving testimony. In 2004, Fr. Nigel was called to direct the Healing Ministries of Christ the King Spiritual Life Center.  He was ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church in June of 2005, and was ordained to the priesthood on December 17, 2005. 

His personal mission statement is: ‘As a drill instructor in Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos, it was my job to teach recruits to kill or be killed.  It is now a privilege to teach people to heal and be healed.  My primary calling is to put people in touch with Christ the Healer, the Lover of souls.’

Outside of the ministry, Fr. Nigel enjoys sailing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, gardening, skiing, public speaking, woodworking, and playing the violin, bagpipes, and clarinet.  He lives with his wife Lynn.