Receiving God’s healing

During my years in the ministry of healing I have noticed that there are some people who naturally receive healing well when they are prayed for, and others who don’t.  Sometimes the difference is that some people really believe that healing is for today, and have also come into a place in their relationship with God that they really expect God to touch them when they receive prayer.  That is why it is so important to develop our relationship with the Lord in the good times.  Then if sickness or difficulties come we are in a much better position spiritually to be able to deal with them.


Growing in our relationship with the Lord

On May 6, 2013 Rev. Ruth Patterson spoke in St. Anne’s Cathedral on the theme of Revival.  She said that personal revival begins with having a real desire to grow closer to the Lord.  When we have that real desire we will want to spend more time with Him.  Through that growing intimacy with the Lord then transformation will come.  That is the path – a real desire to grow with the Lord, greater intimacy, leading to transformation.