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Two of the people attributed with playing a major part in bringing in the 1949 revival in the Hebrides were two sisters, Peggy and Christine Smith.  Peggy was eighty four and blind. Christine was eighty two and bent almost double with arthritis.  They felt that God had given them a word for the Hebrides, ‘I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground.’  They pleaded this promise day and night in their prayers, often prostrate on the floor, on their faces before God.

I feel that the Lord has given us a promise for our country – ‘that if we pray for revival for seven years revival will come to this land at the end of that time, and in the meantime there will be much to encourage us.’

Do we need to hold on to this promise, a powerful word from the Lord, and plead it back to Him every day?

David Jardine (April 09)