Polish fans and police

Polish football supporters showed how damaged people were under the communist regime when they caused a lot of trouble before the recent match against Northern Ireland.  Reports after the very violent incidents seemed to indicate that it was Polish supporters who instigated the violence.  While there is no excuse for this behaviour it seems to me to be an indication of how damaged people were during the years of communist rule.  I have been reading recently about the situation in Romania, how thousands upon thousands of innocent people endured horrific suffering in concentration camps.  All of this must have left such a deep mark upon the characters of people brought up behind the Iron Curtain that it will take generations to heal.  Is the same true about Northern Ireland?  People here endured a great deal during the 25 years of violence, and for a long time after that.  Will it take generations for these wounds to heal?  Is God the only one who can bring true healing?  Surely that is one of the reasons why we need revival in this country.


David Jardine (April 09)