Over the last six months there have been some dramatic examples of how much our country needs the grace of God.  On November 2, 2008 there was a parade of Royal Irish Regiment soldiers coming back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, through the streets of Belfast – a perfectly reasonable thing for any regiment to do.  But in the society that we live in it caused such a controversy that the peace process wasbrought to the edge of collapse.  The Eames-Bradley report, suggesting that every family who had lost a loved one in the Troubles should be given £12,000 caused a real furore.  Then three weeks ago two soldiers and a policeman were murdered by the Real IRA.  Many feared that a new campaign of violence was about tostart.  Last night, Monday March 30 there were bomb scares all over Belfast as motorists tried to make their way home.

Even the world – wide financial crisis is a warning to our society that in recent years too much faith has been put in materialism, while God is increasingly sidelined.

Maybe in the light of all this God’s timing is perfect in calling Divine Healing Ministries to organise seven years of prayer for revival in our land.  When revival comes to any country the faith of people in the Church comes alive in a new way, many who are outside the Church are brought to faith, and even society itself can be transformed.  We want all of this for our country at this time.  I feel the Lord is saying to us that if we do pray for revival for seven years revival will come to our land at the end of that time, and even before then there will be much to encourage us.  If you feel that Lord is prompting you, you will be welcome to sign up with us to pray in revival in our country.

‘Happy are they who have the God of Jacob for their help!

Whose hope is in the Lord their God.’  Psalm 146 v.4

Brother David Jardine

March 31, 2009.