I feel that praising God, thanking God is the way of approaching the Lord that is most neglected by His people.  That is certainly true in Northern Ireland.  I remember when Joel Edwards was General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance in the United Kingdom he came over to Northern Ireland to speak.  He said that he could not understand why during the years of the Troubles Christians over here were not down on their knees begging God to end the violence; and then when the cease-fires were called they were not ecstatic in praising God.  I feel that Joel was absolutely right.  The Lord has really blessed this country in recent years, and we have been very weak in thanking Him. I believe that when we are praising God His power is released into that situation.  Instead of taking every blessing for granted, or even allowing our heads to be down, do we need to recover a real spirit of praise and thanksgiving in this land?

David Jardine (April 09)