The need to perservere in prayer.


During the 1960’s and 1970’s, when Idi Amin was President of Uganda, Christians suffered horribly.  Thousands of them were killed and church leaders were often in great danger.  In the midst of this suffering Christians pleaded with God to set them free from this tyranny.  Their need was so great that they prayed without ceasing that the Lord would deliver them, and in time He did: Idi Amin had to flee to Libya.  What did Christians do then?  The immediate crisis was over, so they relaxed in prayer; and the next thing that happened was the Aids epidemic.


One of the things that we do when we pray is express our complete dependence upon the Lord.  There will never come a time when we are not completely dependant upon Him.  That is why it is so important in any country not just to pray when there is a crisis, but to keep on praying, and hopefully praising in the good times as well.


I feel this is a word for Northern Ireland.  As peace became more deeply established, and normality returned, God began to be sidelined.  But recent events, culminating in the murder of two soldiers and a policeman, show us that we simply cannot do without the Lord.  During the Troubles I believe it was the prayers of a remnant that saved this country.  Maybe it will be the prayers of a remnant that prevents us from slipping away from God and brings us through to revival.


Brother David Jardine

April 2009