Summary of the DVD by Francis MacNutt

‘How to pray for deliverance’

Shown to the team at St. Hilda’s Friday, March 27, 2009



How do you know if there is an evil spirit to be dealt with, and not just a normal fear?


  1. The person senses something is wrong.  Does not quite know how to express it.
  2. Sometimes when we pray in the Spirit something manifests itself.  Praying in the Spirit threatens these spirits (most of what we do in church apparently does not threaten them).
  3. Best way of all – having the gift of discerning spirits – that there is something evil as distinct from a natural phenomenon.


If you are going to pray for someone


The ideal – set a time to pray for deliverance (don’t always get this – sometimes it comes unexpectedly in the context of a healing service).

  • You need an open-ended time (what appears small sometimes turns out to be something much bigger).
  • Deal with the person if possible over a period of time until the job is done.
  • There is usually more than one spirit.
  • Gather a team – good to have someone with the gift of discernment.
  • Good to have someone to take over if the leader needs to go out and rest.
  • Good to have someone reading scripture (these spirits do not like a godly atmosphere).
  • Good to have someone strong, if the person becomes violent (we can always say ‘in the name of Jesus, stop’).
  • Sometimes we have to stop and agree to meet again/commend the spirits driven out not to come back/seal the person (normally MacNutt aims to give three hours to the person).


When we meet welcome the Holy Spirit to come.

  • Break off any communication between spirits.
  • Have a prayer preventing the spirits from interfering with the person.
  • Welcome Jesus Christ to come.
  • Ask God to help the angels to be present.


When you start enlist the help of the person as much as possible e.g. Guide them to report of any sin.

  • Get them to pray as if they mean it.
  • Sometimes people are not totally wanting the spirits to go (they have got used to having them around).
  • The person may take time before being prepared to renounce the spirit.
  • Usually the person will co-operate with us.
  • We may need to get them to repeat a prayer after us.
  • Get the person to look at us.  The spirits may not want to look at us, may not want the person to talk to us.
  • It may sometimes be helpful to speak directly to the spirits (allow the Holy Spirit to guide whether we talk to the person or directly to the spirits).
  • Seems to be helpful to touch the person (others feel we should not do this).
  • Touch the person appropriately.
  • In the Catholic Church they use blessed oil, water, salt, candles (not necessary, but may help).
  • Sometimes when we make the sign of the cross on a person’s forehead they may scream (spirits seem to sense the difference between something blessed and something not blessed).
  • We can ask God to bless the oil or salt so that it can be used to bring healing.
  • Doctors and nurses can pray over medicine.  Pray that there will be no side-effects.
  • We can do this ourselves.
  • When we start to pray Francis asks the person to look him in the eye.
  • Prayer of deliverance is a prayer of command.  ‘In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to go, spirit of fear, to go and to go to Jesus.’  Francis keeps praying this prayer until he gets a response.
  • If he does not get a response he asks the person what is going on.  Spirits lodge themselves in different parts of the body.  A spirit of fear lodges itself in the stomach – as we pray it rises up.  We can help it to get out.
  • We can ask spirits to identify themselves.  We need to block the channel.  Find out where it started.  Francis asks the spirit if they have been there all the time, or when did they come?  Usually the spirits will tell us.  They are very boastful.
  • Sometimes there are physical manifestations (not always) – wretching, coughing (happens half the time).
  • Whatever they cough up it is not from the stomach.  Francis puts his hand on their back and prays in tongues until everything is up.
  • People can tell us whether the spirit is gone or if there is something left.  90% of the time the person has discernment.
  • We must now replace what has been driven out and fill them with the opposite.


  1. Great if they could have a sponsor, or a prayer group.
  2. Read Scripture every day.
  3. Join a church/bible study/receive Holy Communion/go to confession (if it is available in your church).
  4. Leave it open for people to come back if they need.


– If there is a spirit of trauma there is also a need for inner healing.  Bind up the spirit of trauma and fear.

– If the inner healing works then there are no more spirits to deal with.

– If we have sinned we need to repent, but if we are suffering from trauma we may need to forgive.

– No need to yell at spirits, no need to shout.  We do need to be firm, but if we have authority we can be pretty quiet.

– Francis told the story of a man in Nigeria who had a large jujitsu ring.  Francis got him to take it off, and he was set free.

– Francis says that any Christian can do deliverance (Canon Lendrum would not agree with this – he says we have to be called).  For bigger things we need a deeper knowledge.

– If we are not sure if something needs to be cast out we can pray conditionally.

Need to work as a team and not in competition.


Discussion with the team


A very good discussion.

Pray prayers of protection if you are going to be involved in this ministry.  Get people to pray while you are doing it.

Joan Weir said she had seen Billy Lendrum yell at spirits.  She also said she did not think you could leave someone to next week.  Does not believe you can close spirits off.

Spirit of infirmity – can be passed down through the generations.

Neil Anderson – if you keep feeding people the truth minor demons can be dealt with.

Eric Lewis talked about the use of angels, the use of scripture.  Also would like a clergyman with him to do deliverance.

(Canon Lendrum always celebrated Holy Communion).