Judith emphasizes that she is making suggestions not laws and rules.  Prayer for inner healing is not a technique.  We need to allow the Holy Spirit to be in charge and to guide the time of prayer.  Jesus never used the same way of healing people twice.  He gave everyone individual treatment.


Listen, love, pray – these are our three guiding principles.  Remember we are not counselors.  We are prayer ministers.


Don’t do inner healing alone Two or three people would be ideal.  More than that would crowd people and possibly intimidate them.


Come early to pray that the Lord will cleanse the room.  Welcome the Holy Spirit to come.  Ask the Lord to give us a love for these people.  We need to pray that we will not be judgmental.  Pray that the person will be able to trust.


We must be confidential (unless a child is being abused – we have to report this).


1st part the interview


Ask questions

How long has it been going on?

When did it begin?

What was the onset?

Does depression run in the family?

Ask lots of questions

Who is involved?

Who are the primary players?


Listen in the natural and supernatural

         as well as listening to the person also listen to God.


Look for patterns


We need patience in this ministry Some people are still in denial e.g. if you are working with someone who has post-traumatic stress it may be that the story comes out very disjointed.  Allow the Holy Spirit to put the pieces together.


Look for – key relationships.

         most important is the relationship with God.

         What is your relationship with God like?

         What is your image of God?


Events in their life – sometimes people who were abused in childhood place themselves in situations of abuse all their life.  E.g. the child of an alcoholic marrying an alcoholic.


Look for   sin/unforgiveness/lost dreams and hopes/lies told about them – do they believe these lies? (Things Satan said about them and things other people have said about them).


We look for guilt and shame Guilt is a God-given emotion.  It is appropriate if we have done wrong.  Shame on the other hand came with the Fall in the Garden of Eden.  Guilt says ‘I made a mistake’.  Shame says ‘I am a mistake’.


Look for occult activity.  Occult will block healing.


We look for inner judgments that people have made on themselves.  This comes through false judgments that others have made on them.


Look at the emotions Are they extreme?  E.g. extremely fearful, angry all the time.  We should be balanced in our emotions.  People who have been damaged have extreme emotions.


For people who need healing tears are just below the surface.


If they tell you they are full of rage don’t go there.  They need professional help.


Sometimes people have too little emotion   They cannot feel.  Judith tells of a woman who did not feel.  (She was the daughter of alcoholics).


Some of the prayers for healing can go all the way back to the womb.


We are also looking for soul ties /when we are over dependant on people/especially with sexual unions/domineering mother, father and son, father and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend, two friends.


There can also be a need for forgiveness.


Second part – diagnosis/identify the root of the problem/operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit – words of knowledge, gifts of wisdom and discernment.  Lord, how do you want us to pray?


Time of prayer – sometimes people cannot stop talking and we will very gently have to ask them to be quiet.

On the first occasion we will probably need to listen more.  After that we need to spend more time praying than listening.

When you know how you are going to pray share it.  Most ministry has 4 or 5 different ways of praying.


Also pray for good memories to surface.  Ask ‘what good memories have you?’  Ask the Holy Spirit to release good memories.  These good memories will bring strength.


Prayer for inner healing allows the person to receive.

We are beseeching God to bring his healing.  It is quiet.  Most of the noise will be tears.  Tears are healing.


Repressed memories cannot just be called back.

Maybe they cannot remember anything before 8 years of age.  Maybe the mind has placed the memories where they do not have to be recalled. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to go into the deep mind/then wait/allow the Holy Spirit to reveal memories that need to be healed.   There is safety in bringing back memories when under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, when Jesus is with us.

When we go into those memories it is important to have someone with us.

That is why the team is so important.

Ask people ‘what do you see God doing in that memory?’  They will normally tell you. Let the Holy Spirit guide the prayer.  Don’t take it out of His hands.

God is not erasing the memory.  He is reframing it.  He is taking the crippling effect out of it.


Some keys


  1. Lead them in prayer for forgiveness
  2. Some may want prayer for salvation
  3. You may ask some people to give the key of their emotions to Jesus so that He can unlock them.
  4. Breaking soul ties/cutting the person free
  5. Judith talks of a young man who had been very promiscuous.  So many relationships he could not even remember names.  Prayed for soul ties to be broken.  Prayed prayer of cleansing.  Prayed for women whom he had abused.


When we break soul ties always bless the other person.


People addicted to pornography, pray for their cleansing (of mind, body, spirit – cut them free from soul ties with people with whom they have had sexual contact).


People who have made inner vows or judgments – cut them free with the sword of the Spirit.


When we finish the prayer

         give words of encouragement

         read scripture

         send them on their way with resources needed

         always follow up (if it has been ritual abuse you may need to call them that evening)

         give books and tapes

         tell them about conferences

         get them involved in a church family that understands healing


Do cutting off prayer as a team – lay hands on each other, welcome Holy Spirit to come


Teams – spend time together outside the ministry session.  Go and get something to eat together.  Celebrate what Jesus has done.


Scriptures         Isaiah 61

                        Mark 16


This is what we are doing through prayer for inner healing.