Praying for your unborn child and praying for memories that originated in Utero

These notes originate from a talk from Judith McNutt.  She and her husband noticed that there was a substantial amount of people around 20 – 25% who were prayed for that there seemed to be absolutely no change.  They prayed about it and it came to a head one day with a young man who was suffering from rejection and they could not discern from him or through the Holy Spirit where this came from. Judith felt she should ask the man to talk to his mother to see if anything had happened while she was expecting him. To his surprise she told him that she and her father had been older when she became pregnant and that although they loved him the moment he was born they went through a lot of anguish about what people would think and basically had not really wanted the baby. They concluded that the rejection had transmitted to him and that this was the cause of his issues. After prayer he quickly found freedom from this sense of rejection.

Doctor Frank Lake believes that personality is formed by the time the baby is 3 months in Utero, he went further to state that he believes that if the baby is unwanted this transmits to the baby.

In the ‘Secret life of the unborn child’ he states that as soon as a child can verbalise it remembers it’s birth but loses the memory around the age of 6 or 7. He wondered how this could be as the brain is not fully formed and the conclusion he came to was that the spirit retains the memory. He calls this the highest level of knowing.

Things that impact a baby in the womb in later life


A Heroin addict repeatedly tried to kill his girlfriend’s baby by kicking her in the stomach. The child survived but was born and grew up with a tremendous and unusual amount of fear.

A pregnant lady was told she had cancer and that Chemo had a good change of saving her but it would kill the baby. She elected not to have treatment and soon after the baby’s death she passed away. The baby not surprisingly has emotional issues and it was determined that she was carrying her mother’s grief as the mother was grieving while she was pregnant.

Adoption is a wonderful thing but to the adopted child it can often translate into rejection.

Other causes of problems

  • Babies conceived in lust not love
  • By adultery
  • Where drugs or alcohol are involved
  • Rape
  • The sex of a baby e.g. where the parents wanted a boy and got a girl (disappointment conveyed to baby)
  • Traumatic birth (long hard labour, breached, cord around neck, premature, separation from mother – even though the later is common practice in some hospitals)
  • Of course sometimes babies are sick, and in incubators in this case Judith advises to touch the baby if possible and pray and talk to the baby as much as possible.


In one case a couple wanted a boy but a girl was born the father in particular was very disappointed and verbalised his feelings to the extent that the boy’s name he had choosen was given to the girl. Some minutes later a boy was born. In later life the girl went for prayer for rejection and had a vision of Jesus where he gave her a name known only to the two of them.

Other case revolve around the case where the father is not present at or after the birth. The most marked example of this is during wartime.

One of the most disturbing areas is that of attempted abortion, Judith McNutt believes that where this occurs it can result in suicidal depression in the child and the anniversary of the abortion attempt almost always triggers a suicide attempt. She goes further to say that the method of the attempted abortion eg medicine or a sharp object is usually always the method employed in the attempted suicide.

One of the more common factors is Fear in the mother or parents which can also be transmitted to the unborn child. 

This fear can be anything, after a number of miscarriages it would be natural for a fear of miscarrying to be present. Other include fear of the birth process, financial matters, abusive husband etc


Judith recommends ‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to-day and forever as her text.

She suggests praying from the time of conception to birth. You can pray or better still get the person  concerned to pray for the Holy Spirit to touch and heal any negative memories from the time of conception through each of the nines months of pregnancy and then the birth, When they get to the month where they experienced the negativity they will be unable to pray. This is where we ask the Holy Spirit to bring healing and remove the memory or the pain it caused. (alternatively you can divide your prayer into blocks of 3 months) We need to ask the Lord to go back to that specific time and to give you discernment.

When he gives a word of knowledge he always brings healing.

It is interesting that some cultures age the child at 9 months at birth, we age them at zero, this says a lot about how we value life in the womb.