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01 God’s Answer to Anxiety, Depression and Stress.
Five talks making very practical suggestions as to what we can do if we suffer from anxiety, depression or stress.
02 Praying for Ourselves
Many people find it difficult to pray for themselves. This CD teaches people how to welcome the Holy Spirit to flow into every part of them. It gives very valuable, practical guidance for those who need healing in body, mind or spirit.
03 The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Clear teaching on how to forgive and an opportunity to practice forgiving.
04. The Healing Power of Praise
Praise takes our eyes away from ourselves and focuses them on God. We are given here many suggestions as to what we ought to be praising God for.
05. The Healing Power of Surrender
Teaching on how to surrender anxieties and difficulties. This leads on to learning how to surrender every area of our lives to God, and to find peace.
06. Many Channels of God’s Healing
Eight things you can do spiritually if you need healing, and four suggestions to help us to receive God’s healing power.
07. A Prayer for Healing (one you can pray for yourself at any time)
You just need to sit in a comfortable chair and, after some short teaching, David Jardine will pray a prayer of healing for you.
08. Practising the Presence of God
How to stay in touch with the Lord all of our waking hours, and the peace, strength and healing we can receive.
09. Be not afraid
The Bible makes this statement many times. God wants to take away our fear. This CD makes practical suggestions as to what we can do to receive God’s strength and peace.
10. Praying in Faith
A way of praying in faith, which is not difficult, but really helps to release the power of God.
11. The Healing Power of Fixing our eyes on Jesus
Practical suggestions on how to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, and the strength and peace and healing we receive thereby.
12. Healing for Damaged Relationships btnbuynow1
13.1 Series on Inner Healing – Part One
A – Forgiveness – the key to inner healing. B – Hold on to the promises of God. C – Receive prayer and the laying on of hands as often as possible.
13.2 Series on Inner Healing – Part Two
A – Walk as close to God as you can. B – Correct every wrong thought. C – Practice the presence of God.
13.3 Series on Inner Healing – Part Three
A – Receiving God’s forgiveness. B – Experiencing God’s love.
13.4 Series on Inner Healing – Part Four
A – Healing through surrendering self-centeredness. B – Healing through focussing on others. C – Healing through listening to God.
14. Praying for Those with Cancer
Practical suggestions about praying for someone whom we know who has cancer; how to pray with them in a non-threatening way, and how those suffering from cancer can pray for themselves. 48 mins.
15. Practical Hints on Prayer
Practical hints for praying for yourself and others.
16. Telling of God’s Blessing – DVD
Telling of God’s Blessing Through the Years. An illuminating insight into the work of Divine Healing Ministries and how the Team act as the channel for God’s Healing.
17. Confronting the Paranormal
For those who would like to learn more about the deliverance ministry ‘Confronting the Paranormal’ will be an excellent handbook.
18.God Still Does Miracles
Jim Tate in Conversation with Br David. Jim tells very movingly in this DVD of the miracles that God has done in his life.
19. Fr Pat Collins in Conversations with Rev Br David Jardine
In this DVD Pat Collins gives some of the reasons why inner healing is needed, but essentially he deals with what we can do if we need inner healing. He makes 5 suggestions.

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