Seven Years of Prayer for Revival in Ireland

In 2008 Divine Healing Ministries, an interdenominational healing ministry based in Belfast, felt called to spearhead seven years of prayer for revival in Ireland.  During the years of violence in Northern Ireland, and even for quite a few years afterwards, there was an amazing amount of prayer going on.  Recently, however, that regular ongoing prayer seems to have melted away.  Yet the need is still very great.  There is enormous hurt and division within this country, and we still need protection from those who would like to go back to violence.  Anyone who had doubts about the precariousness of our situation was alerted to it by differences of view in the community expressed about the parade in Belfast at the beginning of November of Royal Irish Regiment soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.  In the end the parade went off peacefully, but in the days before there was great tension, and violence was only averted by compromises being made all round.  I feel that God was reminding us that we simply cannot move ahead without Him.  That is why this venture to organize seven years of prayer for revival in this country is so important.

In Divine Healing Ministries we have begun to advertise the scheme widely.  With every letter there is a form which people can fill in and return if they feel prompted by God to be an intercessor.  We are asking people to commit themselves to pray daily.  Some will be able to pray for a few minutes every day, while others will be able to give much longer than that.  The initial commitment will be for a year at a time.  In Divine Healing Ministries we feel that it is only God who can heal the deep hurts all over this country and help people to reach out hands of love and friendship across the deep divide.

In 1983 Open Doors, the organization that works with the persecuted Church throughout the world, called for seven years of prayer for the people and countries behind the Iron Curtain.  That prayer was going on round the world for twenty four hours a day.  Inside a year a man called Gorbachov appeared in Russia, talking about opening up the country to outside influences.  Inside seven years the Iron Curtain had come down and permission had been given to distribute a million bibles in Russia.  That shows what can happen when we pray intensively in response to God’s leading.

We feel that God is very much leading us into seven years of prayer for revival in our country.  We need some time to organize, so we feel prompted to launch the venture on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at a day of prayer for our land in St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast.  In response to God’s clear guidance all these plans have been put in place.  Then we realized that 2009 is the 150th anniversary of the 1859 revival, a spiritual landmark in the history of this country.

I feel that God is saying that if we pray intensively for seven years revival will come at the end of that time.  But I also feel that at stages along the journey there will be much to encourage us.

It is an exciting prospect.  Already we are contacting clergy, church leaders and those whom we know have a heart for prayer.  Letters and leaflets are being given out widely.  We feel that God will prompt those whom He wants to respond.

I believe senior citizens could have a vital role to play here.  They have that most precious commodity, time.  It was two sisters, both in their 80’s, who praying without ceasing, were attributed with bringing about the 1949 revival in the Hebrides in Scotland.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if many senior citizens could catch a similar vision for this country.

We feel God wants this revival not to be limited to one section of the community but to be right across the board.  He wants His people of all Christian traditions to work together, and to move forward together in unity.

If after reading this article you feel prompted by God to be part of this prayer venture please make contact with us.  Although the initiative will not be actually launched until June, 2009 there is no reason why people should not start to pray now.  We will keep you updated every 2 or 3 months.  Seek the Lord’s guidance in prayer.  We will be glad to have you praying with us.

In Christ’s service

David Jardine

Director, Divine Healing Ministries